Do the types of pool plaster determine the final outlook of your swimming pool? Essentially, yes. Actually, the plaster is the key determinant of the final outlook of what you have always imagined. If you are looking to have a great pool looking exactly like the one you saw on the magazines, you need to know different types of pool plaster so that you will have a variety to select from.

The pool plaster is applied to your pool last. Plaster provides a tight seal for the pool water and creates a smooth surface on the floor and the sides of your pool. It finishes the aesthetic look of the pool giving it your dream look.

Types of Pool Plaster

Below are the types of pool plaster you can choose for your pool depending on the desired outlook;

White Marble PlasterTypes of Pool Plaster

This is the common type of finish that has been used for pools and other spa work finishes. The pool plaster has been there from time immemorial, actually from when people thought of putting up swimming pools. The tried plaster has stood the test making it the most preferred over other types.

For this type, white cement is combined with an aggregate of white marble, and of course, water is added. The combination produces an admirable outlook that has a lifespan of between 9-12 years making it economical.

Diamond Brite

This could also be your choice. Diamond Brite mixes long-lasting quartz aggregate and white cement to make a bright look that does not fade easily. The good thing about this pool plaster is that it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as chemicals.

The pool plaster comes in 17 different exotic colors that are well blended during the manufacturing process making it easy to match with your color preferences. The plaster lasts for as long as 9-12 good years.

QuartzScapesTypes of Pool Plaster

If your heart desires to have a bright appearance of the spa or the pool, consider your desire valid as QuartzScape does that perfectly well. It is made by combining quartz that is crushed, color tints and white cement. The result is a pool plaster that gives you a rare combination of beauty and durability. The strength and beauty of the plaster are derived from the minerals and crystals of quartz that are bonded with a coating of ceramic color. The plaster will last for as long as between 9-15 years.


This is the last plaster in our list. It is made through a combination of several brands of finishes that are natural. They are pebbles that are polished to give a texture that is bumpy and non-slippery. It assists you a natural pool setting by combining landscaping aspect with the water features. There are 18 distinctive yet appealing colors.

Bottom Line

It is definite that the type of pool plaster determines the final outlook of your pool. The type you decide on can also determine how often you need to replaster. This is because some types of pool plaster are more durable than others. You should, select your pool plaster based on what’s best for your needs and budget.

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