When finishing the building of your swimming pool in the backyard, you will have to pick a color, and a few factors can influence this decision. Usually, green and blue are the two colors that are primarily used to add color to the water in a swimming pool. The color of your pool’s finish can also influence the swimming pool water color.

Factors Affecting the Color of Water in your Swimming Pool

  • The color you choose for your pool’s finish
  • Color of the surrounding environment of the pool including color of fencing, color of exterior of the home, landscaping, etc.
  • Exposure to sun and direction of backyard
  • Shape and depth of the pool as the water will look darker with increasing depth of the pool

Spectrum of Water ColorsSwimming Pool Water Colors

The color of the water in your swimming pool is mainly affected by the dyes used in finishing the background. Different shades in the spectrum of water colors have been obtained in full sunlight without any effect of the surrounding environment. So, while viewing the pools personally and before making a final decision about the color of water, you should also consider other factors discussed above.

Selection of Texture for Pool Finish

There are certain substances that can add different types of textures including light, medium or ultra smooth, to the finish of your swimming pool like pebble, quartz and polished finish. The shape, size and type of the aggregates used can help in determining the texture of a swimming pool. As a general rule, the texture will be smoother with the aggregate of smaller size and shape.

Bottom Line

So, what is the right swimming pool water color for your home? When deciding on what color you want the water to be, there are a few different things that will influence what makes your water appear full of color. The most important factor to consider is the finish of your pool. The lighter the finish, the bright your water’s color will appear. The same thing with a dark finish, this will lead to more bold colors in your pool’s water.

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