Pools are one of the most exotic locations, even if it’s within our house. We all want our pools to look like one of those fancy pools from a movie or a celebrity’s house. Lighting constitutes a major part in pool decoration, even more than the architectural designs. So, here’s some information about LED pool lighting.

LED Pool Lighting


Why LED Pool Lights?


LED lights have a number of advantages associated with it when it comes to pool lighting. They are bright, cheap, beautiful to look at, has waterproof qualities and other advantages which are no match to other lights. LED lights have certain properties of automatic changes, multi-color effects, and high defined illuminating properties, which are all acceptable to beautiful for a pool. These lights are easily available in any market place and being run through both batteries and direct electric current takes much less efforts for installations.


Lighting Effects


LED lighting have distinct lighting effects which cannot be found in other electronic or battery lights. Being LED, it is considered to be illuminating one of the brightest colors of light, which is most desirable for pools. It must be made sure that though a LED light is bright, it doesn’t have the capacity to glow covering a wider area, thus many LED lights must be required to lighten up the pool site, depending on the space and size. Furthermore, it can have multi color effects or changing properties just in one wire because of its simple technological design, making it one of the most attractive lights.


Eco-Friendly Lights


LED lights are considered to be eco-friendly lights because they consume the least energy within the lighting technologies. Most of the countries around the world have suggested switching to LED lights as a technique for energy saving plans. Since energy conservation is a global as well as a personal issue (in terms of light bills), it is advisable to use LED lights instead of other forms of lights. So now, you won’t have to worry about the number of lights you install, for how long you can keep it on or how much bill will it incur since it reduces consumption to an unimaginable greater extent.


Durability and Maintenance


Compared to any other lights, LED lights have the most durable and long lasting lifeline because of it’s built and technology. The LED lights act as a conductor which functions when current is passed through the diode and the energy is directly converted into light. Thus, instead of a filament which used to lighten up the bulbs, the LED glows just through the diode element. Therefore, there are no risks of damaged bulbs or broken filaments and even overheating issues.


Along with this quality, certain LED lights have waterproof facilities that let it glow even underwater, if attached over the pool tiles just at the bottom. This quality of LED lights significantly lowers down the maintenance costs around the pool.



Considering all the points in mind, LED pool lighting would be the suggestible technology to install around pools to give your imagination and lifestyle a bright shine.


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