What are the latest trends in swimming pools? If you already have a swimming pool in your home, why not breathe life into it by adding some modern features? If you’re thinking of installing one in your home, you should include some of the latest trends in your design. A pool with the latest design trends will not only look good in your compound but also adds a few dollars to the value of your property. Below are some of the latest swimming pool trends you should consider when building or renovating your pool.

Led Lighting

LED lighting technology has been around for quite some time. Led lights are great for pool lighting because of their durability and the fact that they produce less heat. Led lighting is the cutting edge light feature when it comes to pool lighting. There are several colors and patterns you can choose from, from single color types to color changing led lighting that rotate in a pattern.

Water FountainsLatest Trends in Swimming Pools

Water Fountains and waterfalls are an excellent option you can use to brighten your pool area. The gentle sound of water from fountains also builds a sound barrier, which will give you some privacy and a piece of mind while at the pool. Nosy neighbors will not easily hear your conversations. The continuous flow of water from the fountain into the pool also helps to keep the water clean. If you already have a pool, a water fountain can be added depending on the shape and size of your pool.

Saltwater Pools

Using saltwater instead of chlorine in swimming pools is now becoming more common. Most pool owners like saltwater pools because no chemicals are added to the water during maintenance. The pool is first filled with fresh water, then a special machine is used to add salt to the water. The resulting mixture is clean water that doesn’t burn the eyes, stain fabric or even discolors your hair. When a saltwater pool is drained, no hazardous chemicals are released into the environment. While the installation costs can be a little higher, the maintenance costs are cheaper compared to the traditional freshwater pools.

Beach Entries

If you’re constructing a new pool in your home, consider using a beach entry style. This pool has a progressive sloping walkway towards the pool. The pool gets more profound with each step a swimmer takes towards it. Beach entry pools are great for individuals who find it troublesome to enter pools, e.g., the physically disabled and the elderly. Young children will also love beach entry pools as they can easily walk into the water while holding their parent’s hands instead of them carrying them down the steps or ladder.

Bottom Line

Those are some of the latest trends in swimming pools. The field of residential swimming pools has really changed in recent years with the rapid growth of privatized swimming pools. Chlorinated pools are no longer popular, pool lights are more developed, and every pool owner now installs dramatic water fountains. If you’re considering upgrading your existing pool or you want to install a new one, watch out for the latest design trends. There are a lot of designs and options for you to choose from.

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