Planning on installing a pool in your home? Building a pool is only the first step to having a beautiful pool in your yard. It also has to be maintained and cleaned regularly so that you’re able to enjoy a dip in it whenever you’d like. Cleaning dirt and algae is certainly a big task and many pool owners do not actually know how to handle it. Hence, the in-floor pool cleaning technology came about to take the stress out of pool cleaning and maintenance for pool owners.

What Exactly Are In-Floor Pool Cleaners?

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In-floor pool cleaners are simply automatic and fully integrated cleaning systems that gets installed and built into the bottom of the swimming pool. It is built in and is a part of the entire construction process of the swimming pool. They generally come with a pump, leaf canister, rotating heads similar to that of a sprinkler system, etc. The main objective is to ensure collection of debris which at times could be quite high in quantity. It also comes with pool drain technology for draining the debris once it has been collected.

How It Works

When it is activated, these rotating heads start emerging from the bottom of the pool. They have the capacity of spraying water at a reasonably big force. The pressure generated from the water spray removes dirt, debris and algae from the surface of the pool. The water circulates through the filter and this helps to remove the various contaminants from the pool. This ensures that the water in the pool is crystal clear at all points of time.

They Are Not Labor Intensive

There are a few reasons for the growing popularity of these pool cleaning systems. They require minimum amount of manual labor. However, you must bear in mind that they are expensive and they could cost quite a bit to build and install. Further, you must be sure that these cleaning devices are properly installed, since they may not function properly if not installed correctly.

Other Cleaning Options

If you’re looking to clean and maintain your pool on a budget, below are some more wallet-friendly alternatives:

Pressure Side Cleaner:

You could look at installing a pressure side cleaner. It makes use of a booster pump to force high powered jets of water through the cleaner. It could help in collecting debris. It could be good for catching large debris, but may not be suitable for capturing small sized and sticky debris and dirt. This can be best done by the right in-floor pool cleaning device.

Robot Cleaner:

These are machines that are driven by electric power. They crawl around the bottom and on the sides of the pool and collect debris and remove algae and dirt. The job is done automatically if the robot is powered on. However, it requires quite a bit of personal monitoring and spending of time.

The Final Word

Apart from the above, you also could look at suction cleaners or hand-held vacuum, or even a pool care specialist. However, there is no doubt that in-floor pool cleaning technology is the best option because of its efficiency, uniqueness and versatility.

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