There are many benefits to having a pool in your backyard. Besides it being an excellent way to have fun with your family and friends, it can be used for exercise and relaxation. However, it is also crucial to maintain the cleanliness of your pool to ensure that you’re able to get the most use out of it. So, how often should you clean your pool? You don’t have to do a full-on cleaning every week, but below are going to be some measures to take to make sure that your pool is clean without having to drain it frequently.

How Often Should You Clean Your PooHow Often Should You Clean Your Pooll?

Cleaning your swimming pool involves completely cleaning it regularly, which often means weekly when it is swimming season. By doing so, you can be rest assured that your pool water and clean and safe to swim in.

Use Skimmer Weekly

If there aren’t too many trees close to the pool, it’s easy for you to use the skimmer twice or three times a week. By not skimming, it may lead to backwash in the pool frequently.

A long-handled leaf skimmer will help gather leaves, insects and any other debris floating on the water surface.

Check the Circulation of Water

The circulation system of your pool comprises of the pump, the skimmer, filter, pump strainer, and drains. The circulation system makes chemicals work effectively and ensures the water is filtered properly.

The length of the time circulation pump should run depending on certain factors. The rule of thumb for outdoor pools is to run the pump for 10 to 12 hours, and for indoor pools, not less than 8 hours a day.

Brushing the Walls

Brushing the walls is recommended for proper maintenance and to prevent any stains that can appear on them. The walls and the flow of the pool should be brushed once a week. Focus on areas that have poor water circulation such as the waterline of the pool.


Submerge the vacuum head and hose prior to hooking it up to the filter. Use the vac with a telescope pole attached head. You can also run your automatic pool cleaner to collect debris.

Be sure to use the correct vacuum head and cleaner for your pool. This is because they are designed to be used on the surface of the pools made of fibreglass, vinyl line or concrete.

Clean the Filter

The most popular types of filters used are sand, DE filters and cartridge type.

The cartridge part should be removed and cleaned by a pressure washer inside and out with a garden hose.

Sand filters should also be washed weekly to discard dirt and debris that clog them.

Shock Treatment

Check your pool water weekly. Add chemicals as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. When done regularly, shock treatment gets rid of algae, dirt, bacteria, or other organic matter and the debris buildup in the water (urine, suntan oil, hairspray, etc.). Weekly shock treatment will destroy resistant algae in the water.

Some other things to do to maintain the cleanliness of your pool include:

  • Check the water for two parameters – pH and sanitizers.
  • Check the water not less than thrice a week. It will be clear how swimmer population, weather, application of chemicals can affect the water.
  • Testing the pH regularly, and sanitizing will make the water sparkling water through all the seasons.
  • For sanitizing, you can use sanitizing choline tablets, which is the most efficient way of sanitizing the pool The tablets dissolve in the water slowly.

Final Word

Cleaning your swimming pool is extremely important to rule out any harmful effects consequent to using a swimming pool. So, how often should you clean your pool? Cleaning your pool weekly is good practice, but it can be even cleaner if you decide to do it twice or three times a week. Keep a close eye on the number of users, the weather, sunshine, debris and dirt in the water.

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