If you have an above-ground swimming pool, you will probably be daydreaming of sunshine and pool fun as soon as summer comes around. However, the fun doesn’t start automatically, for you will need to open and prepare your pool first. If you don’t know how to get above ground pool ready for summer, it is a task that you can do alone or with the help of a few friendly hands. You can also get a professional to do it for you quickly and efficiently.

How to get Above Ground Pool Ready for Summer:

Remove the Winter Pool Cover

How to get Above Ground Pool Ready for Summer

The first step to is to drain all water from the pool cover using a pool cover pump. Remove debris and leaves, clean it and store away. By cleaning the pool cover before removing it, you prevent debris from falling into the water. After removing the winter cover, the next step is eliminating winter pool plugs. Remove the caps from the return jets and skimmer bucket. To reactivate your pool’s filter system, you will also need to remove the skimmer plate. Reinstall the skimmer basket into the return line.

Add Water to the Pool

After the winter you water pool levels are likely to be lower, and so adding water helps to restore it to the proper level. Add water to the pool using a hose filter to remove all impurities and jet buildup. The right water level is the halfway mark of the skimmer’s opening.

Install Back Deck Gear and Pool Equipment

Strictly speaking, your pool will not be operable without deck equipment such as ladders, handrails, diving boards, and pool equipment. Connect your pool’s skimmer to the pool pump, connect the pump to the filter and the filter to the heater and chlorination. Also, remember that this is the right time to make replacements for old and worn-out gear.

Turn Equipment On

Start the pump and filter and check whether everything is working correctly. Look out for leaks and drips. If the system runs dry, you might need to prime the pump filter by adding in water directly with a garden hose.

Brush then Vacuum the Pool

It is necessary to have a clean and sparkling pool before adding start-up chemicals. Brush the floor and walls of the pool ensuring to remove all mud and debris. Vacuum the floors after that to remove all dirt that accumulated in the winter.

Shock the PoolHow to get Above Ground Pool Ready for Summer

Experts recommend 52-104 oz of liquid chlorine for the 10,000-gallon swimming pool. Shocking is necessary to raise the pH levels of your pool and sanitize the water from all sorts of germs and microbes. After that, you can give your pool a shock treatment after every two weeks to keep the waters safe for swimming.

In Conclusion

In order to know how to get above ground pool ready for summer, start by removing the winter pool cover. Add water to the pool and install back pool equipment and deck gear. Test to see whether pump and filters work, vacuum the pool and then give it a shock treatment to kill germs and bacteria.

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