Pools can be made of different types of materials, not only to make swimming easy and convenient, but for enhancing its value also. You can find pools made of different types of materials including vinyl liner, granite concrete, ceramic and fiberglass. In order to find the best pool material, let us discuss all of these materials briefly.

Best Pool Material

Vinyl Liner Pool

The pools of this type can be brought in ready-to-use condition which can be put into the ground directly. However they are made of polypropylene plates with 0.5 to 0.8 cm thickness. These plates are welded together. The ribbing is used on their outside to provide them stability. They are available in different sizes to choose from as per your requirement and space available. However you will have to construct a concrete base and walls before installing the vinyl pool.

Concrete PoolBest Pool Material

The pools made of concrete are constructed like the construction of a house. After excavating the ground a foundation is built a base plate of adequate strength and its walls are made of concrete blocks. In order to provide smooth finish to the interior surface of the concrete pool, various types of liners like glass mosaic tiles or a coating of pool liner can be used.

Ceramic Pool

It is a composite type of pool. Its structure is strengthened by using different types of materials to increase its durability and quality of the pool. This pool making technique was developed in Australia in 1980s. Today these patented pools are manufactured in Europe also. In order to increase the resistance, durability and stability of the material for long time, it includes carbon fiber mats and a layer of ceramic instead of using ordinary laminate. These pools are convenient to use and clean.

Fiberglass Pool

The pools made of this type of material are commonly known as laminated pools, as their interior is laminated with a mixture of fiberglass and resin along with various other substances as per your requirement. The materials used in laminating this composite pool have different qualities and features. Some of these materials can be elastic whereas others solid but to work together to provide the pool stability and strength.

Mosaic Pool

Mosaic tiles are also used as liner inside concrete pool to improve their looks but they can increase the growth of bacteria and bugs as the joints of these tiles are made of porous material. Moreover to maintain the beauty of your mosaic pool tiles, you will have to give special attention to its cleaning.

In Conclusion

Thus, after knowing about different types of materials used for making pools you can easily choose the best pool material for you, depending upon your budget and requirements. When you are choosing the material you should also focus on its feasibility and your convenience.

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